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Building resilience

The Adventure Training program exist in order to foster healthy, resilient individuals who have the capacity and tools to live a happy and successful life.


We uses four foundational pillars that each contributes to building a unique set of strengths and collectively enhances the others. These four pillars are Adventure, Nature, Physical & Mental Strength and Holistic Heath, you can read more about each one below.

Adventure Teaches Success.

Adventures and activities in the outdoors have an instant positive impact on both our physical, psychological and social health. The use of adventure sports and outdoor education principles in self development and health context has been done for decades. 

Rooted in the tradition of experiential education, this type of training focused on learning by doing, using experiences to enhance focus and the ability to set and achieve goals. 

The natural intensity of the tasks, the training to overcome fears and the participatory nature are some of the factors that make adventure highly impactful and used widely from the army to prestigious educational institutions around the world today.

We Need Nature.

Spending time in nature have a direct impact on our brain, in fact it makes us both healthier, happier and smarter.

It improve our immune system, cardiovascular and respiratory functioning, show a positive impact your sleeping patterns and help with heart disease, diabetes and asthma. It also helps in general medical recovery, pain reduction and obesity.

For our mental strength, nature is shown to support emotional balance, lessening depression and anxieties, reducing stress and improving relationship skills. Further, studies has also shown a positive impact on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Nature is also fundamental to meaning creation, an aspect of our lives that is directly linked to our happiness and capacity to create the lives we wish to live.


Mental & Physical Strength

The benefits of physical fitness to health are many and well known, from healing disease and avoiding injuries to releasing endorphins making you feel great! 

Training our mind in a similar way share many of the same benefits and further helps us navigate through the many challenges and decisions we need to make on a daily basis.


Our body and mind is deeply connected and feeling strong, helps us find calm and strength in other parts of life too

Healthy food and drink, good sleeping patterns, daily routines, regular exercise and reflections promote an overall sense of wellbeing and balanced life.

Yoga in the Garden

Holistic Health

We work with the 5 Balances, encompassing Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Spiritual. We can also call them Body, Intelligence, Relationships, Resilience & Meaning. 

Like in a chain, if one part is weak the whole will easily break. The 5 Balances, have grown from it's roots in Eastern traditions of yoga and meditation, to being recognised by modern science as an effective approach to longterm health and wellbeing. 


Creating a deep understanding of how our body and mind functions and connection to ourselves, are the tools for a happy and healthy life.

Image by Bekir Dönmez
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